For my student choice I decided to ask some of my friends what I should draw. They decided on Santa, a student crying over finals, a Christmas tree, a pineapple wearing a Santa hat, french fries, and a kitten. So I made a cat wearing a Santa hat and Christmas tree sweater. Underneath the hat is the pineapple, the cat’s name is French Fry, and it was drawn by a student who will probably cry over finals. I think my final drawing ended up turning out quite nicely. If I were to redo it, I would be more patient with letting the ink dry from my pen, since there is some slight smudging.

At the beginning of the semester I didn’t really know how to define what art is. I thought the concept of art was really confusing. What one person might see as art, I might see as something with no meaning or importance at all. But overall, I thought of art…

Wk 11 — Artist OTW — Student Choice

Artist: Cindy Sherman

Media: photography

About the Artist: Cynthia Morris Sherman (Cindy Sherman) was born January 19, 1954 and is the youngest of five in her family. She was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey but she grew up in Huntington, Long…

My main goal with this project was to just make something cute and fun for Halloween, since that is just around the corner. So, I decided to combine two things that I love into one piece, corgis and Stitch. All around I would say that my project was a success. I think it turned out the way I hoped it would. Usually when I draw I don’t color my final piece. But, with this piece I was able to work on my coloring abilities. They could still use some work but I can see my improvement. If I were to make any changes I would probably add something like a pumpkin to really sell the whole Halloween part of it.

Bailey Saari

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