Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

  1. This week I chose my topic to be about the corona virus. It is very much a relevant topic, especially with trump now testing positive for it. In my piece I tried to show how the virus has impacted our lives. Mainly with all the supplies we have now had to buy more abundance of than we have had to in the past. I saw someone on TikTok a while back do a photoshoot similar to this but with fruits instead of the objects I chose.
  2. Drawing, painting, and photography.
  3. The medium I ended up going with was photography. I took classes in high school about photography so I am familiar with the art form. I also know some of the basics in Adobe Photoshop as well. If I had gone with my other options, I do not think my piece would turn out as well. My drawing and painting skills aren’t the strongest so I went with the safer bet. I also just have fun with photography.

5. I thoroughly am satisfied with the results. It took a long time to do and hard work. I think I was able to convey my message fairly well in my piece. Someone looking at it for the first time would be able to know it is about the virus and pandemic.