Wk 12 — Artist OTW — Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Artist: Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Media: fine art, fiber, textile, weaving, woodwork, & dyeing

Website: http://kristafeldartist.blogspot.com/

LinkedIn: Heather Anacker — Artist — freelance

Krista Feld — Crater — Art Crating Los Angeles

About the Artists: Krista Feld and Heather Anacker are both artists that collaborated with one another to put together an exhibition at Cal State Long Beach. The media they showcase is fine art, fiber, textile, weaving, woodwork, and dyeing. With each form of art, they choose to use everyday items such as a sewing machine or even some red onions. They believe in making use of every item’s potential. Even if something is down to basically nothing, it still has some potential left. All around, they do not want to be wasteful in any means. In their Dwelling exhibition, they have it so viewers must take off their shoes before entering. This allows you to truly commit to the experience and completely envelop yourself in it. Both Feld and Anacker think that it is important to truly be committed to the experience in order to properly take it in.

Formal Analysis: The artwork I will be focusing on is their Dwelling exhibition. Within the exhibition there are an array of several different items. All around the room you can see objects such as sewing machines, sawdusts, herbs, pots and pans, and so much more. Each item in the room has a connection with the artists in some way. They discussed how when you grind up pine wood it can be used to create a bright and vibrant yellow pigment. They also talked about using the red onions to create a deep and rich red coloring in order to create dye. Every item in the room is made up of different shapes, sizes, and colors but all work together to tell their stories.

Content Analysis: The purpose of the exhibition was for Feld an Anacker to demonstrate how everyday items are filled with so much potential. There is no need to be as wasteful as we all are. They were able to make use of items that many would not think of as “useful” items. We should not be taking everything for granted and instead be showing more appreciation for what we have offered to us. There’s a saying that goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. They demonstrate this saying perfectly with their exhibition. Some may view the items in the room to be worthless but they are able to see the true potential of all the items and truly appreciate them.

Synthesis/My Experience: I agree with the message that Heather Anacker and Krista Feld are trying to portray. In life there are many items we come across that we do not appreciate as much as we really should. Instead, we choose to be wasteful and will usually throw away what we think is worthless. This then causes a domino effect of wastefulness that overall starts to tarnish our world around us. If more people were able to recycle items and repurpose them the way that Anacker and Feld do we would better off.