Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

At the beginning of the semester I didn’t really know how to define what art is. I thought the concept of art was really confusing. What one person might see as art, I might see as something with no meaning or importance at all. But overall, I thought of art as a way of expressing one’s ideas through an art medium. Whether it be through sculpting, painting, photography, etc. in order to get the artist’s message across to the viewer.

Now towards the end of the semester, I still think of art as a way of expressing one’s ideas, however, I now know that it does not need to be done through the typical art mediums. For example, I had to do research about these two artists named Heather Anacker and Krista Feld. They had an exhibition where they just had objects of theirs on display. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like art but then you look into the deeper meaning of it all. They wanted to show how every object in that room has a purpose and that we should all be less wasteful. Anything can really be art as long as you are able to see the message and purpose behind creating it.

I am currently undeclared but plan on possibly majoring in an engineering field in the future. I’ve always done well in subjects around STEM so I think it will be a good fit for me. Next semester I’ll be taking two classes that will introduce me to the engineering profession. One of those classes being how to use a computer program to design things. Obviously since I’ll be designing things and getting my creative juices flowing I will be incorporating art into my field. Engineering is all about creating new things, and that concept also applies to art with the way that you are able to create new art pieces.

Since I’ll be leaving Art 110 soon, I won’t be doing art pieces as much anymore. That being said, I do plan on making art a new hobby of mine. I used to do photography a lot but eventually fell out of it. I’ve been able to get back into it with this class and plan on continuing it this time. Also, just a few days ago I bought myself my first sketch book. Art has been a relaxing activity to do, especially during a stressful time like this. Now that I have a sketchbook, I’ll be able to occasionally do some sketches as a way of briefly escaping reality.

I definitely think that art matters. If all art and artists disappeared, the world would be very boring. Everyone and everything would be too similar to one another. For example, if there are no artists to design our clothing, we would all be wearing the same boring outfits. Artists help bring more creativity to the world and come up with extravagant and new ideas. Without that source of creativity and way of thinking, we would not advance as a society as rapidly as we could. Artists are just able to view the world a little differently than everyone else. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) used to have a slogan that went “a great nation deserves great art”. This is because without all the artists and art in the world, all the nations would just be the same. A “great nation” would have its own culture that differentiates it from the other nations in the world, and a main component of culture is the art.

This semester definitely didn’t go the way that any of us were hoping for but, this class was the best that it could be given our current situation. Out of all my classes, this has definitely been the most entertaining and I can definitely see myself using the things I have learned in the future. Each week was always something different and I really liked that. I was able to really see the different varieties that are within the subject of art. As mentioned before, I will be using art in my possible future career and I plan on continuing art as a hobby. Even though I will no longer be doing art in a designated class for it, I will be doing art in my everyday life.